Finding MB2 in Maxillary First Molar

Learn how to locate with ease the MB2 in maxillary first molars

Mesial Buccal canal in maxillary first molar can be a big problem while doing endodontic treatments because it is quite difficult to find. In this lesson Dr. Marino Sutedjo will briefly review the literature about this canal and share his approach on locating it.

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Great video! How do you determine those cases that don't have a MB2. Do the canal locations of MB1/DB/P present differently?

Massimo Giovarruscio

Hi Marino, thanks for the AMAZING presentation. What do you do if there is a no negotiable MB2 as to small, or calcified or is impossible to scout?

You're very simple and awesome ❤❤

Abir Jamil

Thank you for the valuable information