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Endocast: which is your Endodontic Nightmare?

Endocast Ep. 1 What is you Endodontic Nightmare?

EndoCast's debut podcast with Ahmed Shawky and Francesca Cerutti tackles the effects of separated instruments in root canal treatments, exploring scientific reliability, breakage rates, and factors influencing file separation.
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Endocast: Ep2 Avoiding endodontic nightmares

EndoCast's episode, hosted by Shawky and Cerutti, tackles endodontic file breakage, discussing causes, incidence, file types, and the influence of temperature and motion on file durability in detail.
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The Ins and Outs of Making Irriflex

Presented by dr. Riccardo Tonini
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Endo Tips

by José Aranguren

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