Perforation Management: Innovative Techniques and Approaches

Shadi Nagi

In this exclusive video, presented by Shadi Nagi, a member of Style Italiano Endodontics, we dive into the complex world of endodontic perforations, exploring their causes, consequences, and most importantly, management strategies. Through detailed explanations and practical demonstrations, Shadi provides a step-by-step guide on how to effectively tackle endodontic perforations, a common yet challenging issue in dental practice.

Key Highlights of the Video:

  1. Introduction to Endodontic Perforations: Understanding the pathological and iatrogenic origins of perforations and their impact on the root system.
  2. Diagnosis and Assessment: Techniques to identify the presence and extent of perforations, critical for successful treatment.
  3. Treatment Strategies: From site preparation to the actual repair, learn best practices and recommended materials, including the innovative repair technique using MTA.
  4. Preventing Complications: Tips on avoiding contamination and ensuring optimal isolation during treatment.
  5. Case Studies and Post-treatment Analysis: Evaluating outcomes through real case studies and a review of current scientific literature.