Watch this brand new lecture by dr. Mohammed Za'Frany explaining tricks and tips on "How to manage the Ledges bypass".

Watch this lecture by dr. Garima Poddar about the importance of Irrigation in Endodontics.

Watch the Fabio Gorni lecture form the Bootcamp 2018 and learn of to be more effective and efficient performing mechanical preflaring.

The obturation is the last step of the canal treatment and a fundamental step of the succesfull treatment. Warm gutta percha is highly effective to fill all the components of the canal system, from accessory and lateral canals to anastomosis.

The success of root canal therapy depends on the complete shaping, cleaning and filling of the root canal system. Therefore, a good understanding of the anatomy of the tooth we are going to treat is a prerequisite to a correct treatment planning, access opening, rotary file selection and shaping-cleaning-filling technique. That's not a case one of the major reasons of failure for the endodontic therapy is the inadequate knowledge of tooth anatomy.

This lecture will focus on the steps to follow to manage teeth with unusual anatomies.

Watch this lecture by dr. Francesca Cerutti as she reviews the history and the literature on MTA compared with other biomaterials and cements.

Dilacerated canals are a deviation or bend in the linear relationship of a crown of a tooth to its root. Follow this lecture by dr. Marino Sutedjo about this very particular topic. Learn more about the definition, prevalences, identification and management about the dilacerated canals.

MAP (Micro Apical Placement) System provides a unique and efficient method to precisely place endodontic material by orthograde or retrograde approach.

Learn from dr. Massimo Giovarruscio the best practice to correctly prepare and place MTA during your Root canal treatments.

Watch this lecture by dr. Mohammed Zaafrany where he will share some useful techniques to avoid errors during the shaping in your RTC while keeping high safety standards.

Bioceramics are widely used nowadays in endodontics. Follow this POP Lecture with Riccardo Tonini to learn few tips & tricks on how to use and apply them with ease.

All of us know the MB2 canal: it's the very famous one. But still, the lower molars has something to say! Let’s focus on the Medial Mesial canal.

Follow the lecture by Mohammed Za'Frany on Obturation with the warm compacting technique