Micro Endodontics Surgery

An intense two days hands-on training to teach the rational and technical aspects of endodontic microsurgery

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Learning Objectives

• Indications and contraindications to the endo-surgery
• NSCRT VS Surgical treatment
• Pre-op considerations - Surgical equipment
• Flaps design and soft tissue management
• Osteotomy and apical resection
• Apical retro prep - US retro tips
• Root end filling - Super EBA -MTA- Bioceramic
• The suture and soft tissue healing
• Follow - ups


This course will be host in:


Milano • Italy

Viale Edison 621, Sesto San Giovanni

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4th - 5th - 6th November 2020

Still 6 seats available


This intensive three-days course offers hands-on training and provide rational and technical aspect of endodontic microsurgery . In the last years, the advancement in endodontic equipment, bio-materials and CBCT imaging, coupled with enhanced visibility with operating microscopes, drastically increased the success rates and predictability of endodontic microsurgery . Microinstruments , ultrasonic tips and the new root-end filling materials have dramatically increased the success percentage over 90%.
The use of the modern Endodontic micro-surgery protocol represents one of the most important procedures in endodontic treatment.

Learning Outcomes
* Understanding why endodontics micro-surgery is one of the most important procedures in the endodontic treatment
* Understand the surgical technique is respect of the periodontal tissue
* Understand the filling materials involved in root end filling and evaluate their appropriateness to given clinical situations
* Understand how to improve the healing of the soft tissue
* Understand the team approach to surgical endodontics and critically evaluate its implementation in specific context

The third day of the course will focus on Live Surgery treatment that will be broadcasted from the Dental Studio of Dr. Fabio Gorni (live from Milan) and students will have the chance to discuss with the teacher at the end of the surgery.

Workshop fee

€ 1.800,00
+ IVA 22% when applicable

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Here you can find the instructions about how to prepare the surgical model for the hands-on sessions.


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Dr. Fabio Gorni

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