Why POP Dentistry?
Pop Dentistry is Style Italiano Endodontics answer to the increasing demanding for better content and solutions to share knowledge and education.
We choose Video Content as main resource of our new platform because we believe that is the most shareable and viewable type of media for our culture and society.

What does POP means?
Pop stands for POPoular, just like music, meaning that is designed and aimed for the mainstream audience: our goal is to reach as many dentists as possibile and to create a culture of better, feasible, repeatable, predictable dentistry.
Pop stands for "To Pop", because we want to stand out from the crowd and be unique by creating something innovative and disrupting: we want to change the rule of the game and give dentists what they were waiting for.

And this is just the beginning!
Yes, we are just getting started!
We've got amazing and mind-blowing ideas we are currently and actively working on, and not only regarding topics or lectures. Our mission is to start and fuel a revolution in the way knowledge and education is shared and this website is our laboratory.
So, stay tuned, because more amazing things are coming soon!